Game Hunting

Wild Wing Safaris boasts a large variety of plains game species in many breathtaking locations. Our hunting concessions are found on the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The concessions range from Northern Zululand (thornveld), down to the Umkomaas valley, westwards towards the grasslands of the Natal Midlands, and up into the foothills of the mighty Drakensberg Mountains.

The concessions vary from open areas to cattle farms, agricultural farms, game ranches and government game reserves. This wide variety of hunting locations not only gives the hunter the opportunity to experience all the types of terrain this vast country has to offer, but also to hunt the species of choice in its naturally occurring environment.

Hunting season takes place during the drier winter months, between May and August. Experienced professional hunters and Zulu trackers will be your guides when hunting.

Wild Wing Safaris strive to provide outstanding hunting in an ethical and sporting manner, prioritising the principles of fair chase, thus ensuring that your visit to South Africa is an unforgettable one.

Truly unique and “bespoke” safaris can be tailored for specific species, as well as an “open book” for the first-time hunters and all-round sportsmen.

Bushpig hunting is done in the sugar belt of KwaZulu-Natal with a pack of hounds. The hunting of Bushpigs in this manner guarantees a highly intense, adrenaline pumping, up-close and personal encounter with these very aggressive and unpredictable wild boars.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a combination of both plains game hunting, bird hunting, as well as fishing can be combined so the guest can experience the thrill of hunting with a rifle, shooting birds on the wing, and catching some of South Africa’s freshwater fighters.

Game Species